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Activity Report: Pueblo of Zia, NM - Physical Activity Kit - Staying on the Active Path in Native Communities

Jun 30, 2015 12:43 PM
Contributed by:  AAO JMI Spring Series

There was thunder and rain outside. . . . . inside was laughter, learning, fun and games! 32 people participated in the Physical Activity Kit (PAK) workshop held May 15, 2015 in Zia, NM at the Zia Day School. We would like to thank the participants for their commitment and support of PAK. We truly appreciated their active engagement and enthusiasm to learn about the “Physical Activity Kit…Staying on the Active Path in Native Communities". The workshop was a collaboration between the Zia Diabetes Program and the Zia Day School.

It was exciting to have all staff of the Zia Day School participate in the workshop. As a result of the workshop, they will have the opportunity to use what they learned with students.


Quotes from participants:

  • "I'm glad I was a part of this training!"
  • "I can use this in my community."
  • "I can use PAK in my classroom when the kids get restless. I can use the activities as exercise breaks."


Other Highlights:

  • Everyone participated. They trained each other by modeling and demonstrating to the other participants.
  • The participants from Laguna Pueblo incorporated their own traditional dance.
  • Teachers from Zia Pueblo counted in their own Native language as part of the activities.
  • The Zia Day School cafeteria staff fed us well -- homemade chili stew!

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