Activity Report: Fitness Circuit

Contributed by: Let's Keep Acoma Moving
Completed 3/23/11 with 44 participants

Spring Into Action! This event was part of spring break activities for the youth. We partnered with other tribal programs and had activities for the youth during the week they had off. We ended the 1st day a fitness circuit. The adults mentored a group of youth as they made their way around the track stopping every 100 yards to complete exercises like arm circles, squats, heel raises, and jumping jacks! It was a great event and was good to see the youth out and getting active. And a thanks goes out to the tribal employees that mentored the youth!!! Great job everyone!




Best Features:
Getting the youth active during spring break!

Creative Features:
Creation of the fitness circuit

time of day

Future Plans:
have events atleast 2 to 3 times a month

Lessons Learned

Have events different times of the day
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