Activity Report: Family Night Relay Race

Completed 6/17/09 with 5 participants

This event was a part of the monthly family night for June.  We had planned a relay race that would be divivded by ages but because of the low attendence, we had to re-plan at the last minute.  We had a race that was about two blocks long and we had a total of 5 participants. 

Best Features:
The best part of the event was that we had parents cheering on the participants!

Creative Features:
Re-planned at the last minute and made the change from relay race to a regular race.

There were multiple activities planned right after dinner, so families got to choose. Most of them chose the activity that was less active.

Future Plans:
Well we plan to incorparate the PAK and JMI into our family wellness nights, senior luncheons, and other community events.

Lessons Learned

In the future we need to have a schedule of events so that all events are well attended.
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