Activity Report: Hike for Health Program (1st Year 2008)

Contributed by: Hike For Health Program
Completed 12/18/08 with 101 participants

This program was a hit in the Community. I came on as Coordinator in December 07, and after assessing the community, there was a great  need for a local, assessable, and easy fitness program. 

We kicked off in May 2008 with our first hikes on the reservation. It was wonderful to start with a few participants, 12 including 3 staffers. As the hikes continued, so did the participation.

As the weather changed so did our locations, for the summer we hiked in the high mountains, shady with trees and at the beach.

We ended the program this year December 2008 with a grand total of 101 particpants including 21 staff participations. 

Best Features:
Hearing participants excitement for the next Hike, watching some cultivate a love for hiking, purchasing National Forest Passes to continue their hiking with their children

Creative Features:
Having a nature guide accompany our "on reservation" hikes. He made Nature Guides and brought binoculars for critter watching as well.

Having large hiking groups and division becomes a problem, there are those who wish to go fast paced (keeping their heart rates up) and others who wished to take a steadier, slow pace.

Future Plans:
Program planning, assessing the needs & utilizing the precede - proceed model.

Lessons Learned

We are going to do separate hikes during the month for next year, "Challenging" & "Easy to Moderate" and this way they can choose which one they want to attend to fit their needs.
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