Activity Report: Walking the Rez

Completed 6/18/11 with 67 participants

Was an absolutely perfect morning for a community walk! The community of Porcupine had the most participants so far for the "Walking the Rez" comminity walks...67!! After we completed the walk into the Pow Wow grounds most participants chose to continue walking and walked back to our start point! That was very inspiring to see the community members want to continue walking, smiling, & visiting with one another. Awesome job Porcupine, ND!! Overall the participants walked about 45 minutes!

Also, a community member had contacted me regarding a youth hip-hop dance group that formed on their own for "health & wellness" because they wanted to be more active so they wouldn't be "sick with diabetes" when they got older! So this little dance group performed right before the walk started! It was great to see their little smiling faces so brave to perform in front of people! The ages of the "Baby Blues" dance group are from 6-10 years old. The Standing Rock Wellness Program is a co-sponsor of the Walking the Rez community walks and was so impressed by the youth groups efforts to stay active & healthy that they decided to sponsor the youth dance group to get them matching t-shirts & help them to follow us to the rest of our community walks to perform all over Standing Rock!

Best Features:
Seeing all the smiling faces and how most participants wanted to continue walking back to the start point even after we had reached our destination! Also the "Baby Blues" dance group performing a dance routine for everyone before the walk had started.

Creative Features:
A community member had contacted me regarding a youth dance group "Baby Blues" that started dancing (hip-hop style) "for health & wellness" all on their own because they wanted to become more active so they wouldn't get "sick with diabetes" when they got older. Their ages range from 6-10 years old.

None :)

Future Plans:
Continue working with other tribal programs & communities to plan events to meet the needs of community members on Standing Rock.
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