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We offer comprehensive physical activity programs to Zuni youth at all school sites K-12 throughout the year as well as community Spinning and Aerobics classes. Together with our sister organization, Healthy Lifestyles we offer monthly walk-run programs and swimming lessons through Zuni Dive into Prevention (DIPS). Also before and after school activities including Bilingual - Bicultural Education/ Exchange Programs/Native American Day Shiwi T'sana Baseball League "Slam Dunk Diabetes," Co-Ed Basketball Zuni Education and Career Development Events Local & area Radio shows and publications: PRC, etc. Z-21 After School Programs Health Fairs/PTO Meetings Shiwi Tsana for elementary students in collaboration with I.H.S. Playground maintenance and development Enhancement of Wellness Committee through Zuni Public School District

Tribes Involved:
Zuni Tribe

At the High school and Middle school sites; gym, classroom, "powerhouse--spinning and weight rooms, in a spinning portable located at the Intermediate School and throughout the community.

Program Purpose:
The School Healthy Lifestyles Program was initiated to provide a comprehensive health related physical education program for all grade levels to counter the disease of diabetes that is so prevalent within the Zuni Community. The School Healthy Lifestyles Program provides Zuni youth ample opportunities and resources to develop and maintain good nutrition and exercise through health and physical education activities.

Program Key Features:
There is a Health Assistant assigned to five school sites and two parochial school K-12 who work together with the P.E. teacher as well as other classroom teachers to implement diabetes prevention through physical activity and nutrition education.

Most Excited About:
We offer a comprehensive approach and have trained staff to implement the programs. I am most excited about the feedback and community participation our program has generated and hopefully the adaptation of a healthier lifestyle. Furthermore, through collaboration and the partnerships we have developed we can reach many more individuals to promote overall health and well-being.

Program Partners:
Zuni Public School District and parochial schools, All Tribal Programs and Administration, Health & Safety , Ashiwi Awan Business Development Corporation partnership, I.H.S., UNM, Action for Healthy Kids, New Mexico Departmnt of Public Health, CDC etc.

Program Age Groups:

Our school age population (1,800 approximately) is our main focus and entire Zuni community (approximately 11,500 pop.) and our activities are open to all especially, "Your Life's Direction" open to surrounding communities such as Pine Hill, Ramah and Gallup.

Start Date: 7/1/02


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4447 Mid School Drive#3011
Zuni, NM 87327