Program: Get Fit



Losing weight to improve healthy lifestyles through nutrition and most importantly, exercise.

Tribes Involved:
Pueblo of Santa Ana residents plus tribal members from numerous tribes.

Usually at noon we walk 2.5 miles or less along US 550, Bernalillo, NM.

Program Purpose:
Getting employees healthier to reduce time off for hospital related illness, injuries. Promote good health among our people.

Program Key Features:
Measurement of weight of participants bi-monthly....exercise min. 30 mins. daily. Hopefully, this change from unhealthy lifestyles rubs off on family members too. I've lost 47 lbs. and have more energy.

Most Excited About:
The 47 lbs. lost! Getting rid of unhealthy foods, seeing a change in my family's diet. seeing my wife happy with weight loss.

Program Partners:
No partners but would like to involve the diabetes project with Southern Sandoval Agencies.

Program Age Groups:

For now, just our office staff but would like to hold a public walk within the Pueblo and invite the Indian community from Albuquerque to participate perhaps after eating at one of the local casino buffets.

Start Date: 4/1/02


502 Cedar Dr
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004