Spooktacular WalkCompleted with 317 participants 10/21/17
Beat the Heat Walk EventNo Report Submitted8/9/17
Kickoff to Summer FunCompleted with 148 participants 6/21/17
Nat'l Employee Health & Fitness Day WalkCompleted with 129 participants 5/17/17
New Year WalkCompleted with 155 participants 1/21/17
Jingle WalkCompleted with 74 participants 12/14/16
Fall WalkCompleted with 150 participants 11/16/16
Spooktacular WalkCompleted with 283 participants 10/22/16
Beat the Heat Completed with 97 participants 8/13/16
Heart WalkCompleted with 178 participants 2/11/15
New Year Walk EventCompleted with 152 participants 1/10/15
Jingle Walk EventCompleted with 132 participants 12/20/14
Fall WalkCompleted with 71 participants 11/15/14
JMIO Spooktacular WalkCompleted with 275 participants 10/25/14
Beat the Heat Walk EventCompleted with 136 participants 8/13/14
Summer WalkCompleted with 157 participants 7/16/14
Keep On Moving It Trail WalkCompleted with 111 participants 6/21/14
National Employee Health & Fitness Day Walk EventCompleted with 111 participants 5/21/14
Spring into Action Walk Completed with 136 participants 4/12/14
Marching Toward HealthCompleted with 111 participants 3/26/14
New Year Walk EventCompleted with 107 participants 1/25/14
Jingle WalkCompleted with 85 participants 12/21/13
JMIO Fall WalkCompleted with 136 participants 11/16/13
Spooktacular Walk EventCompleted with 141 participants 10/26/13
Diabetes Awareness WalkCompleted with 129 participants 9/14/13
Beat the Heat Walk EventCompleted with 119 participants 8/7/13
JMIO Summer Walk EventCompleted with 149 participants 7/10/13
Family Frenzy WalkCompleted with 119 participants 6/12/13
JMIO-National Employee Health & Fitness Day Walk EventCompleted with 143 participants 5/15/13
Spring into Action Walk EventCompleted with 132 participants 4/13/13
Marching Toward HealthCompleted with 143 participants 3/20/13
New Year Walk EventCompleted with 88 participants 1/12/13
Jingle WalkCompleted with 96 participants 12/15/12
Fall WalkCompleted with 89 participants 11/10/12
Spooktacular Walk EventCompleted with 122 participants 10/27/12
Beat the Heat Walk EventCompleted with 128 participants 8/8/12
Summer Walk EventCompleted with 159 participants 7/11/12
JMIO-Family Frenzy Walk EventCompleted with 116 participants 6/13/12
JMIO-Nat'l Employee Health & Fitness DayCompleted with 148 participants 5/16/12
Just Move It Oneida- Marching Toward HealthCompleted with 137 participants 3/7/12
Just Move It Oneida- Healthy Heart WalkCompleted with 106 participants 2/11/12
New Year EventCompleted with 92 participants 1/14/12
Just Move It Oneida- Jingle WalkCompleted with 82 participants 12/28/11
Fall WalkCompleted with 95 participants 11/12/11
Spooktacular Walk & Halloween SocialCompleted with 128 participants 10/29/11
Just Moving it for DiabetesCompleted with 114 participants 9/17/11
Just Move It Oneida- Environmental Community Clean UpCompleted with 4 participants 8/20/11
Just Move It Oneida- Bellin RunCompleted with 89 participants 6/11/11
JMIO Nat'l Employee Health & Fitness DayCompleted with 44 participants 5/18/11
JMI Oneida - March for BabiesCompleted with 26 participants 4/30/11
JMI Oneida - Family Fun NightCompleted with 445 participants 3/2/11
Winter Fest at Cultural Heritage Osnuhsa KanaytalaCompleted with 31 participants 2/5/11
JMI Oneida - Winter WalkCompleted with 52 participants 1/22/11
JMI Oneida- Jingle WalkCompleted with 23 participants 12/29/10
JMI Oneida -Walk & Wellness Completed with 40 participants 11/3/10
JMI Oneida - GPS Primitive SkillsCompleted with 27 participants 10/20/10
JMI Oneida - ADA WalkCompleted with 107 participants 9/25/10


Dancing, Walking, General Exercise, Hiking, Aerobics, Drums Alive, Running

A series of non competitive walk/ run and other physical, cultural, and wellness activities held on the Oneida reservation and surrounding communities.

Tribes Involved:
Oneida Tribe of Indians of WI

Activities take place at locations throughout the Oneida Community and surrounding communitities.

Program Purpose:
JMI events promote hollistic well being. We encourage families to PLAY- be active together, learn new skills, increase their knowledge of our land, our language and culture and OUR WAYS-TsiNiyukwalihoT

Program Key Features:
Physcial activity campaign/ promotion to encourage community/workforce to become more physical active to prevent disease: diabetes and heart disease to improve their quality of life.

Most Excited About:
Seeing families in the Oneida Community more active, social, engaged, having fun, together in improving their health and lifestyle.

Program Partners:
JMI Oneida partners include: Oneida Family Fitness, Oneida Community Health Center Health Promotion, Oneida Experiential & Adventure, Oneida Environmental & Oneida Diabetes program.

Program Age Groups:

JMI Oneida incorporates activities on the Oneida reservation and surrounding communities: Green Bay and Ashwaubenon. Participants registered include Oneida Tribe, Menominee Tribe

Start Date: 9/25/10


P O Box 365
Oneida , WI 54155