Program: Walking with Native Stride



This walking program will be for community members and for the employees of (Consolidated Tribal Health Project, Inc.) CTHP and will challenge the Board of Directors of CTHP. Greater challenge will be with families, friends, and other clinics and tribes.

Tribes Involved:
Coyote Valley, Guidiville, Hopland, Laytonville, Pinoleville, Potter Valley, Redwood Valley, Yokayo

Nearby walking (close to the clinici), sunny weather we will be albe to walk at Lake Mendocino (walking path), weekends we can meet at the city park or elementary or high school fields.

Program Purpose:
The purpose of the walking program is for diabetes/obesity prevention and to create a healthier lifestyle within our Native American Community.

Program Key Features:
* Walking program will be monitored daily by the Medical Assistant & Community Health Representative from the Outreach Dept. * Pedometers will be given to each participant. * Bottled water will be provided. * Daily steps tracked & recorded. * Incentives & monthly certificates.

Most Excited About:
It is great to see that our Native American communities are very interested in their health. We have a fitness/exercise, diabetes wellness group, a weight loss support group and now a walking program here at CTHP! I am very happy to be part of this motivational activity.

Program Partners:
CTHP staff & Board of Directors, Indian Senior Center, Hopland Tribal Health & hopefully expand out to other tribal offices, reservations and different organizations in the Ukiah area.

Program Age Groups:

Employees & board of directors of CTHP, Native American Community members, 8 tribal consortium tribes, local Indian Senior Center.

Start Date: 4/1/05


P.O. Box 387 Calpella, CA 95418
6991 North State Street
Redwood Valley, CA 95470