Choctaw Stickball Jan 21,2009

Contributed by: Choctaw Inst. Culture Wellness Center
Date: 1/24/09

Jan 28, 2009

Choctaw Stickball 

4649 Hawley Blvd San Diego, Ca

4:30 p.m (Meet in Park)

Activities: Council Announcement, Wild Cat Month(chata), Feb Choctaw Shirt by Eileen

Program: Clothing Exchange(Bring Items to exchange), Barter Services

Sign Up: Choctaw Stickball

Gen. Info: uBanumpa Mahlu Holisso Tok-Chihowa a haknip imma isht ai in tikba uhleha. Words from above-Creator is above all(chata )(Choctaw Bible)

Hours: Every Wed 4:30 p.m. Spring. & Summer

Donations: 619-825-9235 or cell 619-417-7738

Volunteers & Staff: Choctaw Institute Culture, Bobby Highfill & Family & Friend (Chata/Commanche), Ronnie Murphy (Assiniboine), Eileen George (Chata), Nichol Minyard (Chickasaw), Carol Wesley (Chata). 

The 1-21-09 practice turned out nice. We did stretches with the kobocca. A story on the legend of the Game of”Toli”.”Chikasha & Chata two brothers were out together, it involves observing a alligator preying on its prey and the brothers together form the hickory stick and leather ball (source Dr.ken York -Chata) Bobby Highfill- Coach! Carol Wesley sang a ole chata verse for the group one of her mother's baby chata song!

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