National Native American JUST MOVE IT Day!

Contributed by: National Coordinator
Date: 10/16/08
Join Native communities from across the country as they celebrate the 6th Annual National Native American JUST MOVE IT Day!

Imagine thousands of people in Native communities – walking together for wellness all across the country. You and your community can help make this happen. The 6th Annual National Native American Just Move It Day is on October 22, 2008. A walk will take place at the annual National Congress of American Indians Convention on this day. If you aren’t able to join us at the walk, Just Move It (JMI) would like to encourage you and your community to organize a walk in your community and take part in this 6th annual event.

Organize any type of non-competitive physical activity event between October 22, 2008 and December 31, 2008 in your community.


If you are already a JMI Partner:

1. Decide on an event, a location, time & date.
2. Log into
3. Click on “My Programs”. Now, click on “Add New Activity”. Enter your event information. It will be posted to the JMI Calendar.
4. Make your event happen! Take pictures!
5. After your event, submit your Activity Report. Your number of participants will be added to the growing number of participants on the JMI website.

If you aren’t a JMI Partner yet:

1. Visit
2. In the lower left hand column, click the link, “Sign up as a New Program Coordinator”.
3. Once your Program is added to the JMI website you will be notified via email. After receiving notification you can follow the instructions for “If you are already a JMI Partner” to add your event.


If you are going to organize an event, we will email you:

1. A Flyer to promote your event.
2. A Label to put on bottled water.

Please email and let me know if you are interested in a flyer or label.


If you are in Phoenix for the NCAI convention, I’d like to invite you to a reception on the evening of the 21st. You are also welcome to help with the Just Move It walk on the 22nd. Please contact me and let me know if you will be there –

The Healthy Native Communities Partnership, Inc., (HNCP) will be introduced at a reception, Tuesday, October 21, at NCAI convention, Phoenix, Arizona. We have gained the support of many individuals and organizations to bring this new entity into the world. HNCP offers new and exciting ways to sustain the work we are all involved in and committed to. Visit for more information.
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