Record Numbers Use Wellness Center

Contributed by: Strengthening Lifestyles
Date: 10/25/07

By Scott Davis, Strengthening Lifestyles Program Physical Specialist
12 October 2007

      A record number of students and staff members used the Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center during the month of September. Over 1,000 signed-in to use the facilities during the month.

      The previous record was 920 during January 2007.

Workout room
Some of the UTTC Wellness Center workout room regulars: Cedar Dancing Bull on the treadmill, Jose Lopez on the elliptical machine and Myron LeRoy pumping iron. UTN photo Scott Davis.

      "It’s outstanding to have over 1,000 uses of the fitness area, sauna and hot tub in one month," said Ruth A. Buffalo-Zarazua, Director of the Strengthening Lifestyles Program. "These are great numbers and we have even more capacity. We’d like to encourage more employees and students to use the facilities."

      The September results tell the Strengthening Lifestyles Program that students this semester are really taking their personal wellness seriously. Many have developed a workout plan and turned it into a positive habit.

      "We’re very excited to partner with the Land Grand program in developing an employee and student fitness program," said Buffalo.

      The results have carried over into other areas. We’re seeing more and more students who are able to transfer that good energy into their studies showing their mental fitness.

      And just as important is the spiritual side of wellness. Record numbers of students are participating in spiritual and cultural activities. The sweat lodge has become another healthy habit.

      The Strengthening Lifestyles Program would like to thank J.R. Fox and Julie Beston-Sage for conducting the sweat lodge and for their unfailing commitment to the student’s spiritual well being.

      Also a big ‘Wopila’ goes out to the Construction Technology Program for donating their time and materials in building a changing room for the sweat lodge. We also would like to thank Maintenance Department members Frank jr., Jason, James, and Bud for their hard work in providing firewood and rocks. Whenever called, they always provide immediate service.

      And last but certainly not least, we want to thank Jose Lopez for his initiative and dedication to the sweat lodge area and the Wellness Center and all the other work study students who play a major role in providing quality service to the UTTC community.

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