The Esselen Tribal Gathering 2010

Contributed by: Fun Walks
Date: 8/17/10

Every year, the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation organizes and implements a 3 day Tribal gathering. The Esselen Tribal Gathering is a fun filled educational experience that reconnects tribal members to their culture and tribal community.   Louise Miranda Ramirez, the Tribal chairwoman, collaborates with many organizations to share indigenous culture and traditions such as basket weaving, abalone jewelry making, musical beaded gourds, making prayer feathers, dream catchers, painted story rocks and much more.  She teaches the children to respect their elders and the land.

 For several years, the Indian Health Center has partnered with the annual Esselen gathering to educate the community about eating healthy, well balanced diets, the importance of exercise and to  provide diabetes screening, glucose testing, blood pressure testing and speakers on wellness/prevention.

This year the annual “Just move it “walk around the lake was attended by over 40 tribal members. As usual, the Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley began with warm up exercises and a blessing.   The walk was a great and fun way start to a beautiful day!
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