'Just Move It" Family Fun Night 2005

Contributed by: Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc.
Date: 7/5/05
May 6, 2005<br />By: Daniel Garcia, Youth Coordinator<br />Healthy Traditions Wellness Promotion Program<br /><br />&quot;The Healthy Traditions Wellness Promotion Program hosted our second &quot;Just Move It&quot; event that targeted the whole family entitled &quot;Family Fun Night&quot;. The event started at 6pm and lasted until 7:30pm. It was held in the SCIHP Community Room above our newly constructed Senior Site! Upon entry into the activities every participant was given a pre-survey test concerning the risk factors surrounding pre-diabetes and diabetes.</br></br>The event started out with two fitness trainers from Fusion Fitness getting the youth ages 2-16 years of age involved in a mini obstacle course where everyone put forth their greatest efforts as their parents cheered them on. Then the fitness trainers got everyone out of their seats and lead the group (parents included) in a stretching exercise that lasted well over 10 minutes.<br /><br />Once everyone was loosened up then the real fun began! Between the balloon toss and &rsquo;I love my Neighbor&rsquo; games families barely had enough time to catch their breath. One of the attractions that not only got people acquainted but birthed some new friendships within the community was Breakout Bingo! Community members went around and asked participants questions to match the questions on the Bingo sheet. If you connected a string of answers then you won!<br /><br />A favorite of the evening was the &quot;Stuffed Animal Toss&quot; because all families of the event got to participate and win a prize. All evening there were prizes being given to all the winners and the youth were very excited about seeing their parents so involved in the events.<br /><br />During the delicious meal, which was prepared by Native American Chef Larry Nicholson, Helen Maldonado, PA-C gave an educational PowerPoint presentation regarding the prevention of diabetes that was well received. The meal consisted of whole wheat spaghetti with buffalo spaghetti sauce and a freshly tossed salad. Five a Day also gave out fresh fruit and water to all in attendance.<br /><br />As the night came to a close and all the families were making their way home I found that laughter, music, games &amp; prizes coupled with a nutritious meal proved to be the makings of a fun and successful event! Be on the look out for more of our &quot;Just Move It&quot; featured events!
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