Chapa-De On the Move

Contributed by: Chapa-De On the Move
Date: 9/1/05
Chapa-De Indian Health Program, Inc. is based in Auburn, California and serves a total user population of around 3,000 Americans Indians. Since Chapa-De is not based on a reservation, it is sometimes difficult to offer a physical activity program that is easily accessible to all. The On The Move 12-week nutrition and physical activity program was tried for the first time starting in June of 2005. To date 18 participants have signed onto the program.<br /><br />For those who faithfully log their steps and keep track of how many fruits, vegetables and water servings they have each day, response has been very positive. Participants have not only increased their fitness level, they have improved their eating habits, as well. Missing only are regular meeting times with cooking classes that are outlined in the On The Move binder.<br /><br />Coming October 1, 2005 all that is about to change. A second 12-week program will start and we are sure the number of On the Move participants will continue to grow.</br></br>
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