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Date: 1/6/06
Just Move It "Step Challenge Program" was a branch off of Nurses Week May 2005. The Retention & Recruitment (R&R) Committee borrowed the idea from the national campaign to promote physical activity for Native Americans and Alaska Natives. The R & R challenged this activity by encouraging the Nursing Division at Shiprock Service Unit (SRSU) to participate. Nursing at Shiprock was the first to start this worksite initiative with the assistance of the Health Promotion / Disease Prevention (HPDP) program.


We met with HPDP to brainstorm on a creative way to get our program started. Shelley Frazier from HPDP was instrumental in getting the group set up. We discussed ways to encourage staff to participate, how to keep them motivated, the importance of selecting a coordinator for each Nursing Unit and appointing a main overall contact person. Overall, the goal was to keep the program within Nursing, make a plan, set time frames and keep track of the program. A week was set aside for registration and instructions. (Pedometers and personal logs) A week was chosen for each due to the rotational schedule.

June 6-10 was registration. June 13-17 was pick up personal activity log, pedometer & begin keeping track of steps!!! The week of registration and signing out pedometers was exciting for all. We had people other than nursing who wanted to be a part of the program. Other groups were encouraged to join as a group of their own.

The Step Challenge Program for Nursing was entered on the Web site for local and national recognition.


* Flyers to promote Registration Entry
* Just Move it Challenge Registration Forms
* Personal Wellness Plan Just Move It Step Challenge
* Personal Activity Log for each employee
* Unit Work Team step log
* Pedometer w/ FAQs sheet
* Poster to promote the program
* Individual Unit Flyers to encourage participation
* Motivation: T-Shirt with a logo submitted by a team (to be voted on) and a potluck or other suggestions.


* Markers
* Crayons
* Step it up progress chart


The model used was based on the four directions of Navajo philosophy. EAST- explore where you are coming from, what is important to you and set GOALS, SOUTH - Make a PLAN, gather the skills and tools you’ll need to carry out your plan, WEST - JUST MOVE IT! Carry out your plan, NORTH - KEEP TRACK, Look back on what you have done/learned and celebrate!!!


As the coordinator of the overall program, I encouraged one person from each department to be the lead coordinator for their respective groups. This made the communication & reporting process easier. The coordinators for each group were easily available for questions and answers. The coordinators were encouraged to be creative in finding ways to motivate and keep the excitement in motion. They accomplished this by selecting a team name, flyers, email, notes, posters or verbal face-to-face feedback. We started out with 13 teams with a total of 141 participants.


"Smooth Walkers" - Medical Surgical
"Kid Power" - Pediatric Inpatient
"Baby Walkers" - OB
"Cardiac Pacers" - ICU
"Smurfettes" - OR/PACU
"Losers" - MCH
"Walking for Wellness" - Ambulatory
"Shadow Warriors" - Nursing Executive Team
"Ghost Riders" - ER
"Sugar Busters" - DECC
"Public Health Makes Tracks" - PHN
"One Walker" - PQS
"Shi-Nasha" - DZ

On a weekly basis, the coordinators from each department submitted their total steps to me. Some areas did spot checks. I collated all information submitted to me and distributed to all participants. I sent out periodic reminders and kudos for both coordinators and staff in keeping up with the program.


Comments received: Too much trouble to record, lost pedometer, grandbaby took pedometer, it should be 6 weeks instead of 12 weeks, its too long, and my battery is not working. It would have been helpful to see the group’s progress chart early in the program, instead of at the end. The time frame initially was June 13, 2005 to September 2, 2005. Most of the groups extended the ending date to September 17 due to slacking off in steps. The distribution of the ’step it up progress chart’ and the ’extension date’ motivated staff to meet their goals. Some departments surpassed their individual and/or group goals.

Information on knowing how much an average person walks per day was helpful. (2000 steps/day=1 mile)

It was work, but fun work keeping track of the number of steps you accomplished daily and trying to pass your own goal for the day. Employees compared their charts with one another. Groups did not give up, Coordinators kept their groups informed.

Although the step challenge program did not focus on weight reduction, we had some great accomplishments. Staff lost 10-30 pounds by increasing their activity. Staff who lost the weight motivated others to join in. Eleven out of the thirteen groups kept moving! 102 out of the 141 who signed up kept moving!! EXCELLENT!!

We celebrated our accomplishments with a potluck "salad bar". Good food and great company. Each team came up with a logo for a T-shirt. One logo was voted on. Members voted on the logo of their choice. Prior to voting, each person wrote a positive comment on the ballot box. We had two winners; two members who later submitted their votes broke the tie.

Shelley and the HPDP group will be working on finalizing of the t-shirt logo print.


THANK YOU to the coordinators for keeping me on track and assisting with keeping the program in motion, Winona Begay for the graphs and Douglas Accountius for the ’Just Move It Log Extension’ form. A special thank you to Shelley and the HPDP group for giving us this opportunity to become aware of our activity. I still have people come to me to say they still have their pedometers and they are still "stepping"

Ahé Hee’ Mercedes Beckerhoff, RN Nurse Recruiter
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