Walking Away The Pounds in Deering Alaska

Contributed by: Walk Away the Pounds & Softball Team
Date: 6/9/05
Our Summer Walking Group has been meeting at 8:00 PM at the bridge. (It depends on whether or not the fish are running or if we are doing other subsistence activity) Running group has been meeting the past couple days at 9-9:30 pm.</br></br>We walk up to our airport which is a 1 1/2 mile walk. The past couple days Susie and I decided to include jogging and we&rsquo;ve been meeting around 9-9:30 PM and run to our bluff, which is a 2 mile jog. It seems a little longer because there are 3 hills to run up and down on and the last one is the monster hill! We decided to alternate jogging with walking to add variety, so we don&rsquo;t get burnt out.<br /><br />Deering has a population of about 145-150 people. Our main and only road is a dirt road that is about 1 1/4 mile going from West to East and another dirt road that goes inland about 26 miles. Deering was a mining town in the early 1900&rsquo;s &amp; that&rsquo;s how the road was built. I&rsquo;ve heard that Deering is the only village in the NANA region with a road like that.<br /><br />Our participation in the summer walking program has been slow, but since we started &rsquo;Walk Away The Pounds&rsquo; in February we&rsquo;ve had a total of 11 participants. Currently we have 4 regulars, 2 children and 2 adults. Although our participation has been slow, walking has made me a believer in &rsquo;ACTIVITY SHEDS THE POUNDS!&rsquo; So I encourage you all to keep walking to &rsquo;HEALTH&rsquo;<br /><br />I forgot to mention that our Youth Softball team is still a working progress, trying to get 12 youth between the ages of 10-15 yrs to sign up.<br /><br />I will include photos with my next story.
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